Is your data on the dark web?

What is the Dark Web?

The dark web is a part of the internet where most criminal activity occurs. It is the preferred space used by cyber criminals to buy and sell stolen data online. Business and personal credentials can be acquired by the highest bidder.   

If any of your credentials or personal information are out there on the Dark Web, then you have suffered a data breach. That data breach could have occurred at any time, on any insecure website or through a suspicious link in an email, or even through an app on your mobile phone. The danger is that your valuable data and credentials are in the hands of capable cyber criminals, and you don’t even know about it. What do you think will happen next?

What is Dark Web Scanning?

How could you ever know if you have suffered a data breach and your credentials are in criminal hands and available on the Dark Web? 

Only by using a Dark Web Scanner. Dark Web monitoring or scanning is a security process that constantly monitors dark web activity across the globe looking for any breach data linked to your email domain, business email accounts and even personal email accounts.

We run 24 hour scans on your accounts to discover any new breaches related to your personal or business domain email accounts. You will be alerted immediately when a breach has occurred. Giving you such important details as which email account, which password and whether it has been decrypted and even when and how the breach occurred, when available.  

Once you have been informed about a compromised email account, then together we can take the correct remediation steps to mitigate the data breach.

Why is it important for your business security?

That’s why Dark Web monitoring is vital for your business. It’s the intelligent way to prevent future attacks, and mitigate past breaches. 

As Dark Web monitoring is an identity theft prevention process, it allows you to monitor any presence of your confidential business data on the dark web and be notified immediately if your stolen credentials are found online. You don’t have to worry, as we do the scanning for you. 

Knowing about breached credentials will help you limit the damage of a data breach and take action to protect your business, staff and clients from a damaging future attack.

You have already taken steps to protect your email accounts, to keep your website secure, to manage regular data backups and even protect all of your business hardware and software from cyber attacks. The last piece of the puzzle is your Dark Web monitoring, let’s discuss this further today.