Don’t let your tech limit your progress. Work smarter and harder with robust cloud computing systems that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Our team will show you how to use cutting edge cloud collaborative technologies to create lean, efficient IT solutions that will meet your needs both now and in the future.


Reduce IT Spend

Improve Productivity

Collaborate with home and office based staff

Scalable technologies

Managed migrations

Security-first approach

Flexible agreements

Microsoft 365 cloud solutions

For unrivalled security, reliability, and flexibility, look no further than this industry leading suite of cloud services. Microsoft 365 enables you to take advantage of many the world’s most popular apps – including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and OneDrive – for seamless working under one simple subscription.

Cloud hosting & virtual servers

Why maintain an on-premise server when all your precious data could be stored in the cloud instead? Our cloud server specialists can help you set up a centralised resource that’s fast, secure, and accessible on demand. We also have extensive experience in deploying Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware solutions to create high performance virtual environments.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud infrastructures enable you to add much-needed capacity to your network when needed. But choosing the right equipment and services can be a minefield. Let our cloud computing consultants develop an agile hybrid system that delivers security and scalability in one.

Phone systems

Openreach/BT are switching off traditional phone lines by 2025, so all phone systems using this technology will need to be upgraded or replaced by this time. Whether you’re searching for a simple phone system package or an enterprise level system with a wide range of features, Offsite IT can provide you with a business phone system that supports the connectivity requirements of your teams, wherever they’re based. We can also integrate multiple apps and channels to create a future-proof unified communications strategy within your organisation.

Web connectivity

An unreliable internet connection can have a major impact the productivity of your business, so you should invest in infrastructure that consistently delivers. We can provide everything you need to get – and stay – online, including broadband, mobile networks, long range WiFi, satellites or dedicated fibre internet connections with guaranteed service levels.

Remote working

With more of the UK workforce embracing hybrid or fully remote arrangements, some environments that are not yet cloud-ready, still require a form of remote access to support staff while they’re not onsite. We can set up remote control or VPN technologies so your teams can access company PCs and server information from any location.


What kinds of cloud solutions can you implement within my business?

Whether it’s hosted cloud email, web hosting, data backup, hosted phone solutions, file storage or hundreds of other smart tools, we can help you devise and implement a mix of cloud services that makes business sense. Talk to us today to see what’s possible.

What cloud-based tools do you typically work with?

Microsoft 365 is probably the most well-known cloud-based tool/system we recommend to the teams we partner with, but we have worked with many other cloud service providers both for our own services, and those of our clients.

How secure are cloud systems?

There are many cloud-based systems available. Some are very secure, and some are not. We always select cloud providers with good reputations and reliable incident response and support programmes.

What’s the difference between a private cloud and a public cloud?

In laymen’s terms, a private cloud is essentially a server or resource you rent or own at a datacentre or offsite location. The services and resources on the private cloud are isolated and can only be accessed by your company. 

A public cloud is a shared resource operated by a service provider. It’s shared across multiple companies and segmented by security.

How skilled are your staff, and can they explain IT issues in ‘non-geek’ speak?

All our staff must undertake a series of formal IT qualifications, not to mention keep up to date on the various products we offer. We have staff currently undertaking degrees in IT and every employee has a qualification specific to their type of role. More importantly, we hand pick all our staff with an emphasis on real world skills; every team member must have both the required technical expertise and the ability to communicate with our customers effectively.

“The guys and girls at Offsite are always ready to help solve our problems and issues. With their monitoring system they even tell us when the system is under performing then put it right.”

Manager, Commercial Electrical